Sony Alpha 100 Preview

May 18, 2019

Sony Alpha 100 Preview Announced in April, launching in July, the glossies are starting to call it the “must-have” digital camera for the serious photographer. Sony’s Alpha 100, priced at around $1000 (£700), is giving Canon and Nikon a good run for their money. The Alpha is a powerful 10MP DSLR (Sony’s first) which has […]

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Sony Cyber-Shot W230 announced

March 3, 2019

Sony Cyber-Shot W230 announced Sony has announced eight new models in its Cyber-Shot range of digital cameras. They are produced in colourful designs for the youth and female markets at affordable prices. They are listed below: Cyber-Shot T900 and T90 • Chic, ultra-slim design (15.1mm T900, 13.9mm T90) • 12.1 effective megapixels • 3.5-inch wide […]

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Facts About Digital Camera Printers

January 5, 2019

Facts About Digital Camera Printers Here are some useful facts and tips about using photo-printers to produce excellent photographs direct from the camera. Gone are the days of the box-camera — it is the age of digital technology and digital cameras have taken over the entire range of photography. Digital camera printers with many unique […]

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