Sony Alpha 100 Preview

Sony Alpha 100 Preview

Sony Alpha

Announced in April, launching in July, the glossies are starting to call it the “must-have” digital camera for the serious photographer. Sony’s Alpha 100, priced at around $1000 (£700), is giving Canon and Nikon a good run for their money.

The Alpha is a powerful 10MP DSLR (Sony’s first) which has been specifically designed to allow amateur photographers to take professional-quality shots. The claim is that it’s as simple to use as a compact, with a SteadyShot anti-shake system that will be a boon to recovering alcoholics in particular.

The Alpha’s USP (unique selling point) seems to be its amazing versatility. More than 20 bespoke lenses will be available at launch. Even better, Sony (an electronics company) has worked with lens specialists Konica Minolta, resulting in lenses that are compatible with the Dynax range produced for Konica’s 35mm SLR cameras.

Sony has obviously excelled itself here and we await the launch with interest.


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