On the town with three cameras

On the town with three cameras

As an experiment, I embarked on a Photowalk with my three digital cameras to discover which would be the most useful, and in which circumstances.

Lumix DMC-FZ8
Advent MP8
Panasonic SDR S7

The cameras are, from left to right:

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ8 — a DSLR
2. Advent MP8 — a compact.
3. Panasonic SDR S7 — an SD camcorder.

So, two still cams and a movie camera.

The walk was around the centre of Exeter, including the Quay, the High Street and the river bank, plus a number of tourist sites around the city.

As expected, I used the movie camera the most. There was just too much movement and activity for static shots.

However, when confronted with a fine view, the DSLR came out and a staged shot was taken. Even so, these were all hand-held. Pulling out my tripod would have involved too much effort and made me too conspicuous.

Where a fairly static scene was involved, but with something interesting going on, I reached automatically for the compact.

So, predictably the ratio was 3:2:1 for video, DSLR, compact.

Does that tell me anything about my usage and preferences? Probably not, except that I’ll make sure I carry the videocam everywhere from now on.


I'am Albina, digital marketer and blogger from Russia. I love to shoot and travel.

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