Duracell Launches Dedicated Digital Camera Batteries

Duracell Launches Dedicated Digital Camera Batteries

Duracell Batteries

Powerpix is the new disposable battery range released by Duracell with a special promise of longer life.

Let’s face it, disposable batteries are a pain in these days of power photography. They seem to last only an hour or two, and the cumulative cost can be high. The price of consumables is beginning to dominate most sectors of the gadget market.

Now Duracell say that their new Powerpix range, in both AA and AAA sizes, will last twice as long as normal battery types. The new batteries are powered by advanced NiOx technology, specifically formulated to meet the needs of the latest digital cameras.

Even this can be used in Security Cameras which is availabe in the market

Pocket-Lint comments: “PowerPix will be available in February 2006 in America. We are still trying to find out whether or not they will be available in the UK at the same time. The new battery will be sold in four- and eight-cell packs in AA size and four-cell packs in AAA size. The suggested retail price for a four-cell pack is $5.99.”


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