Casio Exlim Card Ex-S600D Previews

Casio Exlim Card Ex-S600D Previews

Casio Europe has today announced the release of an ultra-slim, card-sized digital camera, the Exlim Card EX-S600D.

Easier than Ever to Save Movies Straight to CD-R or DVD-R
Norderstedt, June 19, 2006 — CASIO EUROPE GmbH and its parent company, CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD., have announced the release of the EXILIM CARD EX-S600D, an ultra-slim, card-sized, high-resolution digital camera. This latest 6.0 megapixel addition to the stylish EXILIM digital camera series can also take high-quality movies in DivX® format, a video compression technology developed by DivX, Inc. of the United States.

Fitting easily into a pocket, EXILIM CARD digital cameras are ready to go wherever their users go, so no one has to miss a once-in-a-lifetime photographic moment again. CASIO has previously released the EX-S600, which shoots 6.0 megapixel photos and takes high-quality movies in MPEG-4 format. The EX-S600 has been a hit among people who want a digital camera that makes it a snap to shoot both still pictures and movies.

The new EX-S600D has all the features of the EX-S600, but it can take movies in the DivX® format. The new model will be sold primarily online in Europe.

DivX is a cutting-edge video compression technology which delivers high-quality video in reduced file sizes. It also allows users to save movies on CD-R and DVD-R computer media without the time-consuming hassle of having to convert file formats. And with a DivX-Certified DVD player, users can enjoy DivX movies on their TVs. By building DivX into the new EX-S600D, CASIO has expanded the world of movie-making fun, making it easier than ever before to give the gift of a special moment on DVD to friends and family.

This latest addition to the EXILIM CARD series offers all the popular features of its forerunner, the EX-S600. These include:

* Anti Shake DSP for reducing photo blur due to shaky hands or moving subjects and movie blur due to shaky hands
* Super Life Battery for about 300 still pictures (CIPA standard)
* Revive Shot for refreshing the faded colors of old photographs, using digital technology to bring them back to life
* Past Movie, which starts recording the movie 5 seconds before the Record button is pressed
* The addition of the EX-S600D to the EXILIM CARD digital camera series makes it even more fun to shoot photos and movies, creating whole new possibilities in digital photography.


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